EKOPAL D boilers are designed to burn hardwood and softwood, wood chips, sawdust and energy crops.

The combustion principle is based on the counter-combustion system which is similar to the EKOPAL RM boilers.

These boilers are equipped with a boiler control system, connected to a blowing fan This facilitates the smooth operation of the whole system and the complete incineration of the wood; it also makes full use of the heat produced. Boilers of this type can operate both as continuously functioning boilers, or as cyclical boilers, operating in a system with a storage tank.

Heating systems with a storage tank are the most widely used system of all the heating systems in Western Europe which operate with forced-draught, batch wood-burning boilers. The system features a tank which allows all the energy resulting from the combustion to be utilised. Any excess, accumulated water in the tank permits the transmission of heat long after the boiler fire has been extinguished which can be as much as 6 hours. Moreover, the storage tank allows a saving of some 25% in the wood used and prolongs the useful lifetime of the boiler.


In the EKOPAL D type of boiler, the demand for wood for such as one winter’s heating, in order to heat a detached house, with a surface area of about 200 m2 , is from 10 to 12 m3, depending on the degree of thermal insulation in the house and the application of a storage tank.



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