Company data

Company: Heat Sources sp. z o.o.
Street: Prosta 137
Postal code: 44-203
City: Rybnik
Country: Poland
NIP / VAT ID: PL6423181331
Telephone: +48 324270499, +48 603499459
Bank: mBank S.A.
PLN account: PL65114011790000427579001001
EUR account: PL38114011790000427579001002
USD account: PL54114011790000427579001005
GBP account: PL27114011790000427579001006
CAD account: PL81114011790000427579001004

Four steps to buy

tell us what you need

What boilers or furnaces you need? For what fuel? What functions will they have to offer? What languages should be supported in the controllers? In what price range? Do you need original brands or shall we manufacture OEM boilers with your logo and in your colours? See our sample boilers

negotiate the price

We will send you a list of the offered boilers. Prices. Commercial conditions. Deadlines for execution. Guarantee terms and conditions.

sign & pay

You make payment as agreed. If the boilers have to be produced specifically to meet your needs, advance payment will be required before acceptance of the order.

wait for delivery

We send the boilers directly to your company... or...
You collect boilers from one of the plants in Poland... or...
We send the boilers to the reloading warehouse in any country.

learn more

Heat Sources sp. z o.o.

Kardynała Kominka 44
44-217 Rybnik

+48 603 499 459

+48 32 427 0 499

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