BIOMATIC boilers are distinguished by an innovative solution whereby they are able to burn 10 types of fuel. They have two different hearths. They combine the advantages of both the feeder and hopper models. The boilers work in an open system.

The auto-feed mode allows the compressed fuel supporting the combustion process to be continuously transported to the hearth. Combustion takes place in a special chamber lined with ceramics. This makes combustion of fuel, with a higher moisture content, possible. The automatic devices applied control the whole combustion process.

In Traditional Combustion Mode, chunks of wood and other solid fuels can be incinerated. Traditional, manual loading is carried out through an additional door. The furnace is equipped with a flat, water grid which, in turn, is incorporated into the device’s water circuit thus affording greater heat production.

In Automatic Loading Mode, the C.H. boiler is able to burn fuel having a moisture content of up to 50% upon reaching its full rated power. The steel chamber has a support function, allowing the achievement of 40% power. The chambers operate independently or simultaneously.

In the BIOMATIC series, the heat exchanger is vertical (tubular). This can be achieved by varying the speed of the exhaust gases. This affects the efficiency of the device and, as a result, also affects the optimal utilisation of the heat energy from the flue gases. This solution has the advantage that only the minimum of ash is deposited in the exchanger’s tubes. The pipes are arranged vertically and thus any ash falls gravitationally into the ash-pan or cineraria. This reduces the cleaning frequency of this element of the device.


Type of fuel:
Shredded: wood chippings, sawdust, pellets, briquettes, wood shavings
Solid: lump wood, a mixture of wood and other fuels, wood shavings



  • comprises a group of low temperature boilers intended for water installations with an open system
  • multi-cyclone
  • the exhaust fan for flue gases provides sufficient negative pressure in the combustion chamber
  • efficient, due to the vertical arrangement of flues which use the thermal energy generated therein to the maximum.
  • universal - combines features of both hopper and feeder boilers
  • efficiently uses the heat energy generated
  • a ceramic combustion chamber accumulates heat which enables the consumption of  fuel of a higher humidity
  • the ceramic combustion chamber is enveloped by a water jacket which in turn reduces heat loss to a minimum
  • automatic fuel delivery mode
  • supported manual feed mode
  • boiler configuration adapted to the technical conditions of the boiler room
  • retort burner
  • fixed grate
  • intuitive and user-friendly control
  • ecological burning
  • due to the vertical orientation of the exchanger, solid particles from the flue gases are precipitated directly into the ash-pan
  • easy cleaning of the boiler
  • made from materials with enhanced durability
  • external thermo-insulation
  • the possibility of adapting parameter configurations and accessories to the customer's requirements
  • easy operation and maintenance
  • the ceramic chamber ensures optimal and environmentally friendly conditions of combustion
  • continuous combustion process
  • thermostatic fire-protection valve

Briquetted coal

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