Kostrzewa Fuzzy Logic

15/25/40/50/75/100 kW

If you need to have maximum capacity of the boiler, which means maximum heat, and–most of all–you want to reduce operational costs, choose automatically fired up Pellets Fuzzy Logic 2 boilers by Kostrzewa, which set a new direction in the design of solid fuel boilers in Poland.


The Pellets Fuzzy Logic 2 boilers are a perfect choice for:

       single-family houses

       multi-family houses

       small farms

       large farms

       industrial and commercial buildings


The Pellets Fuzzy Logic 2 boilers are the best choice for a number of ADVANTAGES:

  • The very good and durable steel exchanger of the boiler designed according to the 3T definition (  (time, turbulator, temperature).
  • The burner ready for combustion of pellets, oats and pea coal (three burner nozzles in the standard equipment of the boiler)
  • Fuzzy Logic 2 used to increase comfort of operation and reduce volume of fuel used
  • The volume of air  necessary for combustion  determined with the lambda probe (automatically dosed air is optional).
  • Rich standard equipment


Fuel types

Sawdust granulate, industrial pellets, sunflower pellets, oats, fruit stones, nut shells, pea coal and even wood.


Paliwo w postaci granulatu jest zasypywane do zbiornika o bardzo dużej pojemności. Wypełnienie takiego zbiornika w zależności od zapotrzebowania na  energię budynku pozwoli  na bezobsługową pracę urządzenia od 7 do 30 dni.

Granulate fuel is charged into a very high capacity container. Filling in this container depending on demand for energy in the building will allow unattended operation of the unit for 7 to 30 days.



  • Pellets Fuzzy Logic 2 ensures gradual and smart batching of fuel and air
  • The lambda probe is used for measuring residues of oxygen in flue gases


The Fuzzy Logic retort burner ensures:

  • very smooth and accurate feeding
  • the possibility of pellets combustion with high efficiency
  • automatic firing up of pellets


The tri-duct, steel boiler exchanger made of P265GH 4-6 mm boiler steel.


Savings and ecology

It is only possible with the Pellets Fuzzy Logic 2 boilers to make up to 20% savings.

Elimination of condensation of steam in the boiler reduces emission of carbon monoxide.


Cross section of the Pellets Fuzzy Logic 2 boiler

Pea coal
Agro pellets
Grape stones

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