EKOPAL BIOWAT are batch boilers designed to heat residential houses and business premises of up to 900m2 surface area with straw and wood without the necessity to install storage tanks.

 The boilers burn fuel slowly. The burning rate is manually adjusted via an air damper. The boilers operate on natural draught.

 The entire fuel chamber is lined with fireclay bricks. Gases flow from the fuel chamber through the "carburettor" to an upper, ceramic combustion chamber. The carburettor mixes primary air with secondary air. Exhaust gases flow from the combustion chamber into a box exchange chamber.

 Biowat boilers are mounted directly onto the existing installation instead of, or parallel with, the coal-fired boiler. The boilers operate in the open system (mandatory).


Types of Fuel

Straw, Wood


  • Biomass boilers U245, U300, U360 and U400 are wood-fired; however, straw can be used as an alternative.
  • The burning time of one load depends on  humidity and fuel quality
  • The boilers may operate in central heating systems with a circulation or gravity pump.
  • The boilers heat a given space without the need for refuelling at night


U Series

Universal boilers for wood and/or straw, with a fuel chamber for one typical bale of straw (40x40x80). These can work gravitationally, without a circulation pump. The main fuel is wood. The U - 300 boiler allows wood to a length of 1m to be burned. The U - 360 boiler allows pulpwood up to a length of 1.2 m. to be burned

BIOWAT biomass boilers are loaded with fuel twice or three times in 24 hours. To heat a house with a surface area of 250m2 using a biomass BIOWET boiler, straw harvested from 4.5 - 5 hectares, will be quite adequate.

The type of wood or straw is unimportant. Sawdust mixed with pieces of wood, or arranged on top of the straw, may also be used. After the boiler has heated up sufficiently, even thick logs can be burned. Unlike, EKOPAL biomass boilers, this boiler can be refilled whilst in operation.



          STRAW        WOOD



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