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SOLID SERIES boilers are water devices operating in an open system. In terms of its structure, it is distinguished by the vertical arrangement of its heat exchanger tubes which, in turn, facilitates maximum use of the thermal energy generated in the flue gas.
There are two types of devices in the series:


In the MASTER type, which is loaded manually, the combustion chamber is ceramic-lined.

As a result, a wider variety of solid fuels such as wood chippings with a sawdust admixture, as well as coal and its derivatives, can be used.

This MASTER type of boiler is designed for customers looking, above all, for a reliable and, easy-to-use device for burning solid fuel. The equipment is simple in design thus ensuring trouble-free operation for many years. It is also easily adapted to the burning of various types of fuels including the cheapest fuel on the market, such as coal and its derivatives. With the additional option of ceramic lining for the walls of the combustion chamber, the boiler can burn chopped up wood more efficiently. The large loading chamber facilitates problem-free manual loading; pieces with a length of up to 0.5 m can be loaded with relative ease.
The boiler is equipped with a simple-to-use, user-friendly control system, the main task of which is to maintain the pre-determined temperature of the water. The controls measure the water’s temperature and modify the airflow accordingly, subsequently adjusting the amount of air which is supplied to the combustion chamber.


Type of fuel:
Solid: chunks of wood with an admixture of sawdust, wood chips, or coal and its derivatives.


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