The SOLID Series of Boilers is water equipment operating in an open system. Their construction is distinguished by the vertical arrangement of their heat exchanger tubes. In this manner, they are able to use the heat energy generated in the exhaust gas to maximum effect.


There are 2 types in the series of these devices:



FAZER devices are fully automated. Mechanical fuel loading takes place through an auger feeder with a sliding movement. SOLID Series boilers use pea-coal and particulate coal with an admixture of fines.

To meet the constantly rising cost of heating, the new generation of boiler has been designed for the efficient combustion of the cheapest fuel available … and that is coal.

The FAZER copes well with combustion of particulate coal, eco-pea coal and lignite. The innovative application of its moveable grill provides more accurate combustion and thus all energy is utilised from the fuel.

The hydraulically driven grill eliminates cleaning problems. Cleaning is automatic during operation whenever the grill is in motion. The accumulated ash goes directly into the ash pans placed below the grill. These can simply be pulled out for emptying. This ease-of-use is further enhanced by the automatic fuel supply. A conventional tray holds 2.5 m3 of fuel; however, there is the possibility of fitting the boiler with much larger tanks and these are equipped with moveable, HZG scraper arms.

The standard combustion chamber is lined with a ceramic inset - creating a thermal battery.

The FAZER is a low-temperature boiler adapted to operate in an open circuit. It is produced in the 200 to 600 kW power range

It is simple in design which ensures excellent heat recovery, the materials used ensuring years of trouble-free operation


Type of fuel:
Solid: coal, eco-pea coal, lignite

Pea coal

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