The ECO-BURNER in the UNI-MAX version is equipped with a segmented, moveable grate assembly in the form of a slide-out drawer for ease of cleaning; this solution is protected by patent.

It also has a ceramic insert which stabilises the conditions of the combustion.

Burners in the UNI-MAX series are able to burn almost any type of pellet available on the market, including good quality pellets such as those in the DIN, DIN+ classes  and also industrial quality pellets, agro-pellets and fine, dry, loose biomass.


Advantages of the UNI-MAX ECO-BURNER:

  • The heat-resistant, segmented steel grate ensures durability
  • The stepped, moveable grate effectively empties the hearth of slag
  • The burner starts and ends its operation with a clean hearth
  • The ceramic chamber of the burner increases and stabilises the temperature of the combustion
  • The patented air distribution system determines the quality and efficiency of the combustion
  • Power modulation - the burner consumes only as much fuel as is required by the object being incinerated
  • Step-less regulation of burning power in the range from 25% to 100% of the rated power
  • Intended as a built-in fixture, the UNI-MAX ECO-BURNER  does not require to be dismantled either for cleaning or for maintenance
  • Over 50% savings when compared to heating with heating oil
  • The Swiss-made, moveable grate drive comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Reliable and durable equipment
  • Low power consumption - energy class A+


Types of Fuel

biomass, pellet



A complete burner with control, C.H. and D.H.W. sensors, wiring, a "spiro" pipe for connection to the burner with a feeder of standard length:

  • 1.5m - for  up to 40 kW burners inclusive
  • 1.95m - 50-80 kW burners inclusive
  • 2mb - 100 kW burners  and higher

Feeders with direct feeding for lengths of up to 3m and supplementary feeders for fuel in tanks up to 6 m long are also available ensuring the automatic maintenance of the pellet level in the hopper



Rear Projection of the UNI-MAX ECO-BURNER


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