EKOPAL BIOWAT are batch boilers designed to heat houses and business premises with a surface area of up to 900m2 with straw and wood without the need to install storage tanks.

The boilers burn the fuel slowly. The burning rate is adjusted manually with an air damper. The boilers operate on natural airflow.

The whole fuel chamber is lined with fireclay bricks. Gases flow from the fuel chamber through a device called a "carburettor" to the upper ceramic combustion chamber. The carburettor mixes primary air with secondary air. Exhaust gases flow from the combustion chamber into an exchange chamber.

Biowat boilers are mounted directly onto an existing installation instead of a coal-fired boiler or parallel to it.

Boilers operate in an open system which is mandatory.


Types of Fuel

straw, wood


  • The S4 and S6 boilers are fired with straw and wood
  • The burning time of one load depends on both humidity and fuel quality
  • Boilers may operate in central heating systems with a circulation or gravity pump
  • Boilers heat a given surface without the need for refuelling at night


Series S

The main fuel is straw; however, wood can also be used. The Series S is characterised by larger dimensions and weight than boilers of the U Series. A single load of four bales of straw is sufficient to heat a house having a surface of 200 - 230m2 in severe conditions without the need to re-fuel at night. Basically, these boilers are set at zero level at home or in existing buildings.

BIOWAT biomass boilers are loaded with fuel twice or three times every 24 hours. To heat a house with a surface area of250m2 using a biomass BIOWET boiler, it is enough to supply the straw harvested from 4.5 - 5 hectares.

The type of wood or straw is of no consequence. You can also use sawdust mixed with pieces of wood or piled onto the straw. After the initial warm-up, the boiler can even burn quite thick logs, however, unlike with the biomass EKOPAL boilers, fuel can also be replenished during operation.



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