The UNI version  of ECO-BURNERS is a wood- pellet burning boiler, designed to burn pellets of inferior quality, additionally. The boilers are equipped with a self-cleaning system in the form of a dual, moveable grill.

This grill is made of 4 mm thick, 1.4841 Grade, sheet metal, heat-resistant to an air temperature of up to 1150 ° C. The grill is driven by a linear actuator which self-activates periodically to clean the furnace of excess slag


Advantages of the UNI-MAX ECO-BURNER:

  • The UNI burner - with its moveable grill, can burn inferior quality pellets
  • The burner is made of high quality materials and is heat-resistant, acid-resistant and of stainless steel construction
  • Installation is in the boiler door
  • Fully automated for fire setting, fire extinguishing, stand-by mode  
  • Adjustable power
  • The compact design and dimensions allow installation in most oil and gas boilers with a closed combustion chamber,
  • High efficiency - approximately 94%
  • Low power consumption - about 20W during operation
  • Eco-friendly, low emissions - emission at the level of gas and oil burners
  • Can be used in conjunction with a room thermostat
  • Self-activating turn-off and turn-on of the burner’s power supply in case of power outages
  • The boiler cannot overheat during a power outage
  • Maintenance is limited to refilling the fuel tank, the periodic cleaning of the burner’s furnace and the weekly removal of ash


Types of Fuel

biomass, pellet



  •  A complete burner with C.H. and D.H.W. sensor control, wiring and a standard length, 1.5m "spiro" pipe for connecting the burner to the  feeder
  • Feeders are available with direct feeding lengths of up to 3m; supplementary feeders, up to 6m in length, are available for re-fuelling the tank. A special feature is the automatic maintenance of the level of the pellets in the tank.


Rear View of the UNI ECO-BURNER


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