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Klimosz MultiDuo NG


KLIMOSZ MULTIDUO NOWA GENERACJA combines the possibility of combustion of solid fuels automatically or traditionally. The KLIMOSZ MULTIDUO boilers have certificates which confirm heating and emission parameters, issued by the Test Laboratory for Boilers and Heating Units in Łódź.


The KLIMOSZ MULTIDUO boilers are a perfect choice for:

       single-family houses

       small multi-family houses

       vacation lodges

       workshops and other facilities of this type


Advantages of the KLIMOSZ MULTIDUO boiler:

  • The gutter burner.
  • Weather control.
  • PID work option.
  • Possibility of combustion of wood and coal on an additional furnace.
  • Door opening direction adjusted by swapping hinge locations.
  • Left/right positioning of the container.
  • Automatic operation of the boiler controlled with a room thermostat (optional).
  • Possible production of warm utility water
  • Simple operation and maintenance.
  • Low level of harmful substances in flue gases.


Fuel types

pellets, pea coal, wood, fine coal,  coal


Cross section of the KLIMOSZ MULTIDUO boiler

Pea coal
Fine coal

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