Reco Pellet


RECO Pellet cast steel boilers for solid fuels are products of the highest quality, made of the best components. RECO boilers dictate new standards in aesthetics and functionality in the heating industry and are distinguished with their modern design.

The most important advantages of RECO Pellet boilers:

  • The automatic system for fire up  and extinction of the boiler and feeding fuel
  • Advanced control of power from 8 kW to the nominal value ( the RIS system = the PID system + FUZZY LOGIC)
  • Support for central heating and warm utility water systems
  • The additional upper grate for combustion of fuels other than solid, without the necessity of using inserts and plugs
  • The integrated panel for connection of peripheral equipment to be used with the boiler
  • The additional water jacket to increase the capacity of the boiler
  • Efficiency of up to 92%
  • Possible relocation of the container against the furnace 
  • 10 years guarantee for the cast iron heat exchanger, 3 years guarantee for electronic and mechanical elements
  • Additional functions:  Operation of mixing valves from the controller level, connection to room controllers, weather mode, timer functions, seasonal mode, the system for automatic furnace cleaning, protection against flashback


Fuel types

pellets, coal, wood


The interior of the RECO Pellet boiler


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