Kostrzewa Platinium Bio 1


Ecological  Platinum Bio 1 burner is intended for automatic burning of  pellets or instead of it burning the oats seeds while complying the law concerning the preservation of environment within EU.   


Platinum Bio 1 burner is a perfect choice for:

       a passive house

       one family house

       a  multifamily house

       a small farm

       a big farm


The benefits  of Platinum Bio Burner 1:

  • automatic burner starting
  • automatic 2nd generation Fuzzy Logic regulation of the burner capacity  
  • flame control with photocells
  • low thermal inertia  during start or stoppage
  • low electric power consumption
  • possibilty to control up to 15 heating loops (radiators and under floor or domestic water heaters)
  • control of  burner operating  temperature - provides safety at the highest level;
  • 3 - phases fuel ignition prevents gas explosion while starting
  • AUTOSTART function -  after power failure remembers  the last operation.
  • air distribution into primary and secondary flows has provided for reduction of CO2 emissions from gas burners  and fuel oil ones.
  • Equipemnt efficiency > 94.5 %
  • auto cleaning function provides for automatic removal of deposits from the burner grill. Warning! This function is not available in gravity chute burners.
  • due to the burner design it shall  be possible to burn oats


The types of fuel

pellets, oats


Automatic control

  • Platinum Bio driver  - controls not only the boilers but also the central heating water  system and warm domestic  water.



View of  Platinum Bio 1 from the back side


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